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Why Printed Custom Lapel Pins are a Hit

custom lapel pins

At, we make custom lapel pins of any kind for all sorts of clients. From the traditional enamel pins to the modern 3D pins, we customize these tiny accessories according to your needs. Each type of lapel i pins used for specific occasions and uses. Some are great as a fashion statement while others are essential in corporate attire. Nowadays, a certain type of lapel pin is gaining popularity among clients. It uses advanced printing technology but simpler techniques. Printed custom lapel pins are becoming more preferred by people for these reasons:




Whatever style or design you want to end up with in making your custom lapel pins, it can surely be accomplished through printing. You can go for drop shadows, gradient designs, or text. Through printing your design, you are able to create beautifully designed lapel pins with intricate details which may not be possible when made with the traditional types of pins.



Speaking of details, lapel pin makers make use of offset and laser printing techniques in the making of printed lapel pins that allows for the most specific and tiny details to be printed out without a fuss. This is the perfect choice if the design you have in mind requires fine lines and complicated details. It requires specific colors and shades that cannot be made with metal.



Perhaps one of the most important reasons why printed lapel pins gained popularity is the efficiency in making them when you already have a complete design laid out. Once you have a photo of the exact image you want on your pins, there’s nothing much left to do. You just have to wait for your final product. This also proves useful when you don’t want to create a design from scratch and just want to use a ready-made design to be printed out. 


This type of custom lapel pin gives you no limit in designing your accessories. It can easily let you have the exact image you want on the final product with precision and accuracy. Our lapel pin maker will help you make the perfect printed lapel pins for your specific needs. For other custom accessories, check out our partner stores:,,,,

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