With over 10 years of experience in creating top quality lapel pins, we make sure that every custom pin creates a statement.

We help our clients achieve their vision of a perfect custom-made lapel pin by making sure their designs and ideas match the right production style.

Types of Lapel Pins


Soft Enamel Pins

– Raised edges with recessed color
– Traditional and classic
– Textured feel


3D pins

– With multiple surface levels and angles
– Clear depth and detail
– With smooth and textured areas


Hard enamel pins

– Heavier in weight and quality
– More durable
– Polished and has a glassy finish
– Smooth surface


Die struck pins

– No color
– Raised and recessed metal areas
– Polished raised areas
– Textured recessed areas
– Elegant industrial look


Printed pins

– Characterized by colorful designs and texts
– Made by either offset printing or silk screen printing
– Recommended for photo reproduction and designs that are multicolored

Pin Attachment


Butterfly clutch

This is our standard backing, so if you do not specify what backing you want, this is what we will use



This is preferred by those who want to avoid the holes that the butterfly clutch and safety pin make on clothes


Rubber clutch

This small rubber stopper holds well and are hard to remove.


Safety pin

Customers who want their pins to stay in place and not rotate on their clothes prefer to use this as pin backing.

Please note that intricate details may need to be simplified except for printed pins.  If you have specific PMS colors, be sure to let us know.

We guarantee that your satisfaction is our primary responsibility. Send us your inquiries today!

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