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How to Clean Your Custom Lapel Pins 

custom lapel pins

Custom lapel pins are the perfect accessory to complete any formal attire. Customised with your own design, they make for a one of a kind item that will be loved by anyone who receives it as a gift. However, many people struggle with taking care of their custom made items, either because they don’t know how or because they have never been taught. In this article, we will teach you some great tips and tricks on taking care of your custom lapel pins!

Why Care For Your Custom Lapel Pins

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to take care of your lapel pins, both  common and unique to some people. Here are some of them.

#They are a Limited Edition.

When you get custom lapel pins, there’s only one kind of them. It’s your unique design and an embodiment of your unique style and personality. And because there’s nothing like them in the world, it’s important to maintain them for the long term.

#They are expensive.

If you’ve spent quite a bit of money on your custom lapel pins, it’s important to take care of them for the long term and keep them in good condition. You’ll want them as a trophy or treasure that you can look back on fondly when you’re older. Taking care of them also saves you money from buying or making a new one.

#They are your pride and joy.

If you’re anything like most of us, your lapel pins are more than just a fashion accessory. They’re symbols of success and a way to show off the hard work that went into building your brand, business or organization. So when it comes to looking after them, it’s a job taken very seriously!

#They commemorate something special.

They could also be a way to give support to your favourite sports team or a way to commemorate special events and occasions. You’d like to cherish and preserve the memory for the long term. We’ll cover everything from cleaning them to maintaining them! That way, your custom lapel pins can stay in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

#They are gifts.

Receiving gifts from your loved ones is really sweet. You’d want to cherish these gifts, and one way of doing that is taking proper care of them.

How to Clean And Maintain Your Custom Lapel Pins 

# Be mindful of the kind of pin you’re cleaning.

Here are the types of customised lapel pins: butterfly clutch, stick pin, screw back, magnetic and so on. Each type means a unique design or a unique characteristic that makes cleaning them different or more meticulous. For example, while you can use polishing agents on hard enamel pins, they could damage other pins. While butterfly pins might need smaller cleaning tools to adapt to their complex designs, flat pins like magnet pins might be easier to clean.

# Get the appropriate cleaning materials.

As mentioned, some cleaning practice and materials may not be appropriate to all custom lapel pins. Polishing cloth and polishing agents are not created equal. Some may not be a fit for the type of custom lapel pins you own.

For silver pins, use silver polish and a soft cotton cloth to remove the tarnish. You can use polishing agents on hard enamel pins, but you can’t use them on soft enamel ones. For polishing the pins, you can use a jeweller’s cloths and jewellery polishing cream.

# Practice proper cleaning techniques.

People can get too excited about cleaning their pins. While you might think that brushing and wiping your pin vigorously will make them cleaner, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Extreme or vigorous scrubbing or using abrasive wipes will damage your custom lapel pins. Opt for the proper clothing and gentler method of wiping.

# Dab and gently rub.

If your pin is the type to be cleaned with polish, all you need to do is to dab polish and gently rub. You can expect the tarnish to come off easily. Invest in good quality polishing cloth and cream made exactly for these metals.

# Practice removing the clutch.

Removing the clutch or back pin is a necessary step when you clean your custom pins. That helps make sure no dirt or debris is piling up on this area, and it ensures proper cleaning technique.

# Maintain the metals of your custom lapel pins.

It’s normal for metals in custom lapel pins to tarnish over time. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to remedy this. If you’re using hard enamel pins, you can use a jewellery polishing agent and a jewellery polishing cloth to maintain them. If you’re using soft enamel pins, you can simply use a cleaning cloth because polishing agents could damage its delicate outer layers.

# Test your cleaning agents.

Like how we test products on our hands for allergic reactions before putting them on our face, the same principle can also be applied to custom lapel pins. Test cleaning agents on a small rarely seen part of the lapel pin to make sure they’re compatible.

#Don’t use hard chemicals on your custom lapel pins.

Harsh chemicals like household cleaners, vinegar solutions and polishing machines can cause damage to the outer layers of your metal pins. That’s why it’s important to avoid them and to stick to gentle wiping. It’s also not advisable to use household cleaners. Just stick to your pin’s dedicated cleaner.

#Avoid water.

Water is a key player in rusting and corrosion, so it’s best to avoid them as much as possible.

Taking care of your custom lapel pins offer a number of benefits and advantages. Follow the simple tips above, and they’re sure to last a long time.

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