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custom pin

After knowing how to clean and keep your custom lapel pins in top condition, the next thing to learn is how to store your custom pin collection in an organized way. Most pin collectors follow careful ways of storing and keeping these accessories in place. Most pins, especially enamel pins, are prone to damage from frequent rubbing which would then cause the colored parts to fade. Custom lapel pins made with metals are also prone to tarnishing from exposure to air and moisture, so it’s best to keep your pins stored or displayed securely.



custom pin

Gift boxes, most often those for jewelry, are made to look as elegant and delicate as the accessories they hold. Reuse your old gift boxes as the new home for your custom lapel pin collection. There is no need for further customizations, unless you want to get more creative with your box design. All you need to do is get hold of a soft fabric, preferably felt, to roll up or fold as a replacement for the worn out foam that comes with your jewelry box. Stick your pins to the fabric and keep the lid closed. You may also keep it open to display your box of pins together with your other tiny trinkets.


custom pin

The good thing about keeping your custom lapel pins in a secure frame is a chance to show off and display your collection everywhere in your room, making them visible to anyone. Frames are much affordable compared to pin bags and cases and you can also personalize them further. You may paint the backboard and frame, choose a design that fits the theme of your pins, and arrange the pins creatively. There is no limit to how you want to decorate your personalized pin frame!


Start your custom lapel pin collection now! Or you can add more to your collection such as enamel pin. Work with us to create your own unique designs! is an Australia-based lapel pin maker with a promise to make high quality pins created with your personalized design. Inquire today!

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