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One of the most common things considered when looking for custom lapel pins is opting whether for hard or soft enamel pins. A great thing about customizing your pins is the option to choose from every specific type of custom lapel pin out there.  

The main thing that sets apart the two is texture. You can see the difference in the edges and the contrast in texture by feeling the face of the pin with your thumb. Both are made with the same materials but each goes through a different process that results in different looks.




Soft enamel pins are the more popular kind. They are the go-to for anyone looking for traditional custom lapel pins. The traditional look of soft enamel pins comes from the signature metal borders surrounding the pin. It also outlines each color of enamel used. The highlight of the making process is adding the enamel at the end, once, and leaving it to harden. The enamel does not go over the metal borders thus resulting in the visible metal ridges.

If you are eyeing a particular metal finish, you might end up choosing soft enamel pins. Black metal, rainbow plating, and some other custom metal finishes can only be achieved through the soft enamel process.




Hard enamel pins, also known as cloisonné lapel pins, may not be traditional-looking, but you can vouch for the durability. These high-quality, scratch-resistant, durable custom lapel pins are preferred by most businesses as products or giveaways. Unlike soft enamel, a hard enamel pin is filled with color at the beginning of the process, until it is filled to the rim. It is then polished smooth so you won’t be able to feel the metal ridges on the finished pin. 

Again, hard enamel pins are not ideal for most metal finishes, but a standard gold or silver plating will work well.

The best way to find out which kind of custom lapel pin suits your needs and preferences is to work with a lapel pin maker to get your pins personalized. From the type, the pin attachment, the colors, to the design, we can help you create your perfect lapel pin

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