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Tips On Wearing Custom Lapel Pins

custom lapel pins

Custom lapel pins can be particularly tiny but the impact it brings to your outfit can show whether or not you know what you are doing when putting together your attire. They are fun to wear on casual clothes with your freedom to create or choose your own custom pin designs, and serves as a way to add personality to a dull, traditional suit. The impact of custom lapel pins can be subtle, but it could also be the thing to help you stand out in the crowd. It all depends on the style you’re going for. Just beginning to incorporate enamel pins into your everyday outfits? Want to know how to effectively sport custom lapel pins for formal wear? Below are some things you might want to know before wearing these dainty accessories. 


Always wear the pin on your left lapel.

By tradition, it is believed to be worn on the left to signify the position of the heart. Practically, it is worn this way as handshakes are usually done with the right hand, and wearing your pin on the left keeps it visible while doing your greetings.


Stick your lapel pin through a buttonhole.

Most shirts, suits, and coats normally have buttonholes made just for this purpose. If not, carefully stick the lapel pin north of your pocket square. Don’t worry about leaving a hole in the fabric as long as you remove it with caution.


Choose smaller lapel pins when starting out.

They can suit most looks without going overboard. Asking for the assistance of your store attendant will also guide you when it comes to the right proportions. 


Wear one pin at a time.

Wearing multiple custom lapel pins at once can be a little too much just for decoration. You can make a statement better when focusing on the overall look rather than overwhelming your outfit with accessories.


Pin for the occasion.

If going to work, try minimalistic enamel pins. When dressing for a party, get creative and customize your pins using a lapel pin maker!


If you’re looking to order a few pins you can wear for your everyday look, or some custom lapel pins for a specific event, check us out for custom enamel pins with no minimum order! Our website has everything you need to make your perfect creations, with unlimited revisions and an enamel pin mockup for viewing your design. For other custom accessories, check out our partner stores:,,,,

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