5 Fun Ways to Style Your Custom Lapel Pins

    custom lapel pins

    Using enamel pins is one of the easiest ways to instantly upgrade your look. If you have custom lapel pins designed by yourself, it definitely more exciting to show them off for everyone to see. Here are some fun and unique ways you can style your custom lapel pins:

    On Your Hat 

    You may not often think of placing your lapel pins on your hat, but the result is actually quite stylish and unique! Just make sure the hat has enough space and is not small on your head, so that the locks of the pins won’t bother you.


    On Your Bags

    custom lapel pins


    This may be quite common already, but many of us still forget to follow this. You can place your collection of custom lapel pins to your plain bag and look young, cool, and street style ready.


    On Your Tank Top Straps


    Placing your enamel pins on your shirt is really the most basic way of using them…so why not stick them on the straps instead? You can use different pins or even similar ones making it a part of your tank top and not really something you just placed on your own!


    On Your Leather Jackets


    Leather jackets can seem dark and formal. If you want to put colors and brighten up your look, custom lapel pins are an easy solution.


    On Your Denims


    We know this is basic, but where else can you really put your pins? Denims are a classic pair for your enamel pins. So don’t hesitate to put some on your overalls or denim tops even during these days as this style will never be old.


    Custom Lapel Pins from Lapels.com.au


    If you need to get custom pins, then just simply contact us for a quote! Send in your design or concept and we’ll work out the rest! For other custom accessories, check out our partner stores: customcufflinks.com.aucustombeltbuckles.com.au, corporatetie.com.au, embroideredpatches.com.au, corporatekeyrings.com.au.

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