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5 Tips on Cleaning Your Lapel Pins

custom lapel pins

Custom lapel pins have become must-have accessories whether as fashion trends or as corporate promotional items. With their unique, cute, and significant designs, these multipurpose metal accessories can’t be resisted by anyone.

If you’re a pin enthusiast, it is important for you to know how to give your custom lapel pins some love. This blog will talk about some tips in cleaning and taking care of your lapel pins so that they always look brand new.


Remove the pin back or clutch of the pins

Always start off by separating the pin backs to easily clean all the parts of the pin. But do so very carefully so as not to stick and hurt your fingers from the sharp needle of the pin’s back.

Use a jewelry polishing cloth and polishing agent on hard enamel pins

Your custom lapel pins will eventually tarnish over time. Some types of metals tarnish faster than other metals. For instance, silver metals become duller faster than gold ones. However, you need not to panic as this condition is only temporary can easily be saved. Use a jewelry polishing cloth that is non-abrasive and gentle to metal surfaces and a jewelry polishing agent or cream to gently remove tarnishes. Test out the polishing agent first by applying it on a small part of your hard enamel pin. If it effectively cleans, gently clean your pins to remove the tarnishes. Your pins should come out shiny afterwards. If you don’t have polishing materials, you can opt to use toothpaste.

Do not use polishing agent on soft enamel pins

Soft enamel pins are more delicate than hard enamel ones. Using polishing agents can easily damage and remove the colored parts of your soft enamel pin. We recommend using a cleaning cloth and gently clean your pins, without being too abrasive.

Always be gentle in cleaning your pins

Always deal with your pins carefully and gently. You can easily damage your pins if you’re being too rough in polishing. Always rub and clean them gently and use good quality polishing cloths and creams specifically for metal accessories.

Do not use polishing machines, household cleaners, and vinegar solution

These materials are too harsh and can quickly damage your custom lapel pins, so definitely avoid using them.

If you need more custom lapel pins for your own personal joy or to give away as gifts or promotional items, we can easily create them for you and send them to your doorstep. Just send as your design and we’ll help you out with the rest. No design? No worries! Let us know what kind of pin you want and we’ll design it for you. Send us a message to get started! For other custom accessories, check out our partner stores:

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