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The Right Pin Attachment For Your Custom Lapel Pins

Here are the different pin backings for your custom lapel pins:

Butterfly Clutch:


This is the standard backing that we use for our custom lapel pins. The butterfly clutch has two butterfly-shaped clips that you can pinch in order to attach the metal backing to secure the pin.

This is the most common backing used to lapel pins as it is cheap, secure, and easy to remove or place. You do not need to worry about your custom lapel pin falling off or hanging lose. The butterfly clutch safely secures the pin in place.


However, since the pin has a sharp metal for the butterfly clutch to be placed, this may come with some discomforts when worn. Especially when the backing touches the skin, this type may not be the friendliest.


Safety pin


The safety pin is the most traditional fastening technique in order to secure pins onto thicker fabrics and clothing. Its end is a needle that can be open and closed to secure the pin. This type is very common for children as it offers extra security. Because the needle is very thin and is safely closed, you will not feel any discomfort at all. This also makes sure that your custom lapel pins do not rotate.

But, safety pins may not be the most flexible backing for custom lapel pins. Since the needle is very thin and soft, it may not be used on thick fabrics and clothing such as leather.




If you want to avoid the holes that come with the butterfly clutch and safety pin, then you might want to consider choosing a magnet backing. The magnet used is round and flat. One or two magnets may be used depending on the size of the custom lapel pins. Because of its smooth surface, it does not come with any discomfort at all. Also, the pins will look extra secure and stuck onto the fabric. They will not look dangling or loose.


However, magnets may not be able to hold the pins between thick heavy fabrics. In this case, it is best to use other methods to secure the pins.

If you need help in choosing the right pin backing for your custom lapel pins, our sales experts know exactly which works best for you. We only strive to create the best custom lapel pin for your brand. Contact us now to get started! If you need other custom items such as cufflinks, corporate ties, or other gifts for your clients, our partner stores have those for you. Click on these links to get there:

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