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Use Custom Cardstocks for Your Custom Lapel Pins

By now it has been commonly known that custom lapel pins are great promotional items. They are also perfect to give away to your friends and family as you can customize them to however you want them to look. If you like collecting little nifty products, lapel pins are popular as collection items as well. In order for your custom lapel pins to stand out, a custom cardstock would perfectly match them.

Custom Cardstocks for your Branding

Custom cardstocks can greatly elevate the presentation of your custom lapel pins. Brands and businesses can use this extra effort to be more creative to attract more audience. Your custom company pins will look so much more valuable and presentable to clients. Moreover, with custom cardstocks you can engage with your target audience more by adding a special message in the cards. A simple “thank you” message, your brands motto, or even details of your shop like address and contact number will greatly help your brand. Your pins will become more interesting as additional details that will make them extra special also come with them.

Custom Cardstocks for Service Lapel Pins

In addition, when awarding your employees or staff with custom service lapel pins, it is best to place them in custom cardstocks. This will, again, add more meaning to your pins. A custom cardstock with a simple thank you message to your team for all the hard work and loyalty over the years will be greatly appreciated. This will surely enforce good camaraderie among your team and will motivate your employees to continue their dedication and loyalty.

Custom Cardstocks for Pin Sellers

We also suggest for pin sellers to add a custom cardstock with your own-designed pins to attract more buyers. A cardstock will always make your pins look a lot better. People will also believe that they are getting more value because of the packaging that they get with the lapel pins.

Here in, we create custom lapel pins with custom cardstocks in any design, color, and shape. Hit us up now for the perfect presentation and packaging for your custom promotional items! If you need other custom items such as cufflinks, corporate ties, or other gifts for your clients, our partner stores have those for you. Click on these links to get there:,

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